Day 52 Can’t miss read A letter to my 7 year old self Part 2

11 10 2012

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes. Its the first time since I was 15 that I haven’t had someone in my life. Its an adjustment but my friends have been amazing. If you have never heard of the band Yellowcard they are great. Some very cool powerful songs. They have a Southern California sound which is very laid back. Here is a new song that I love called Yellowcard here I am alive.

I like to promote other Bloggers. This lady is from Australia and is an amazing writer. She is going 1000 days of being single. She has won awards for her blogs and deserves them please read her blog. One Thousand Single Days

I got great response from my last two blogs. I was asked yesterday why did you write to yourself. If you don’t reflect on where you have been you will repeat. I know that me opening up has caused other to accept things that they have shoved away for a long time. Its weird when I write like yesterday I sit with tears running down my face and wondering why I took so long to get these things off my chest. Whatever my past is is just that my past. It is not who defines me. It’s not how you start but how you finish.

I am writing this in my best chronological order  we are now in May 1997 Here we go!!!!

To little 7 year old Tyler: You can lose weight and will over the summer actually 85 lbs to be exact. Women will really start liking you. That doesn’t mean you treat this like crap.Go say hi to the beautiful brunette in your summer biology course named Rebecca she really likes you a. Your really a dumb ass for screwing that up. Tell Stephanie to leave you along don’t use her you broke her heart. When you see Jessica again treat her with respect Don’t ignore her. Don’t eat that two week old pizza it sucks and will make you sick. When you eat the can of dog for ask for 40 dollars not 20. When you pulled over to help the lady in Dallas not matter what she said to you you did the right thing. When you go to San Antonio with Roger and Marty just stop drinking enough to gain your senses. Yes Diane was one of the hottest women you have ever seen. Just FYI she wanted  another baby before she turned 32 she’s 21 and she was crazy. Stop thinking with your penis. When you brought her to the Fraternity rush party don’t show her off like a trophy she is a human. When you break your ankle in your first rugby game go to the hospital don’t take 13 advil and drink a bottle of Jack Daniels. If you do you wind up on Colorado street in Austin with the most embarrassing moment in your life. Yes those women used to be men.

Telling jokes does not comfort your pain. Others may laugh while your dying inside.  When you go to Austin for your last Fraternity formal. Take Tracy don’t back out like a dick. Also when Jack offers you a drink of Jack Daniels yes you can drink to bottles in 1.5 hours . You did get paddled, and someone had to feed you. You miss out seeing Rebecca until 4 am because they took your phone and keys. She hates you for lying to her when you told her that you stopped drinking. She’s the head pediatrician at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville and thought you could marry her one day. Stupid ass. Stop drinking and stop fighting with Jim. We had fun bating the crap out of people but your hands are going to hurt really bad when your older. Stay off the bridge it is deeper than you think especially when your drunk.

When you see Amy make sure you never let the thought that your going to marry her leave your mind. Keep cheating at paper rocks scissors it got you a date with Amy. Yes from your first date Amy lives with you. She’s messy but you balance it out. Play your ass at Texas Rugby Union Championship I know you can you barley move and your frozen but I promise the feeling when the ball crosses the try line and Ryan falls on it. Your a  champion for the first time and as you sit in the frozen rain soaked field crying you did it. They can’t take that away from you.
Enjoy the bus trip to and from Kansas some of the funniest moments in your life happened on that bus trip. When you rip your knee to shit at Westerns keep playing I know it hurts but you earned more respect that day from dragging your self around the field knocking the shit out of the other team so much that when the game was over and we lost the other team comes and picks you up off the ground and tells you your one of the baddest MFer’s they have ever seen.

When you meet her parents your not all the things she said you were. Keep killing her with kindness and when that day happened tell her its okay to go to NY. When you felt a part of you gone it is and deal with it now. Don’t wait. She does love you just doesn’t know how to show it. She cooks the first meal that she ever cooked for you and it is great.  Keep working at Discount Sport Nutrition you learn a lot and that stupid guy wound up going to jail good call.

When you got your first credit card I would tell you not to but it allowed you to buy the engagement ring. When you ask her to marry you shit your weight to the right so you don’t almost fall over and go to the bathroom first you almost pee yourself. She really did like the way you asked her to marry you. Start giving yourself credit your not a worthless boy/man. You made a armies worth of mistakes but your not defined by those.
Life does get abit easier during this time. You get an amazing job to help put her through graduate school and yes it worth it. I know your lonely and you so want companionship get back to God your mind wonders to much and you almost go to far. Enjoy Indiana but do not let that girl bring you pillows to your room. Do not go the Balley’s in downtown San Fransisco its not for you I promise. Where more than a towel too to the steam room.


I will finish this tomorrow. Later peeps Love ya.




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