Day 51 A letter to my 7 year old self Part 1

10 10 2012

After yesterday’s blog about my abortion and tomorrow being my 37 birthday it’s time to write my 8-year-old self a letter.

To little 7-year-old  Tyler: Yes your haircut was cool and Being like Brian Bosworth then was okay. Bo Jackson was a great remodel but you can’t paint yourself black.

Yes you are chubby and can’t run fast yet, but it’s coming you will be a great athlete. Stop punching people for calling you names one day your going to be to chubby to fight back. Yes your sister is a pain in your butt but she’s amazing too so be proud that God gave you a sister she will need you later.

Don’t throw rocks at cars because you will break a window and when the guy catches you the rocks you threw at him will cause stitches and you will get your butt beat. Your friends worship the ground you walk on protect them at cost. Take up for the weak ones that will remember you forever.

When you kiss your first time don’t grab her butt she will hate that.  Your mom is amazing and from this year forward never forget how great she is. She loves you and your sister more than life itself. Tell her everyday you love her.  Don’t ask her to get you a pizza in the hood. Never forget a mother’s day or birthday. A cutout piece of cardboard she loves too. She will drive you nuts calling all the time but answer her she deserves that. If you ask her for money now it’s the last money she had and she gave it to you with a smile. When you walk across the stage in college don’t stop hugging her for a bit she is so proud of you. Help pick her up when dad dies she needs you more than ever. Just know that God only made one like her and God gave her to you. You’re the luckiest son alive and you have no idea.

Listen to your dad there will be very few times that he can spend time with you. You can never get it back. Ask questions about his life. There is a man there  you never knew. All you got to see was a broken skeleton of a man. At his funeral you learn about his card games, his music instruments. His band that he had in Germany that they said that was great as The Beatles but he was too afraid to bring them to the states. When  dad comes to your college graduation and your embarrassed because he couldn’t stay the whole time just be thankful he was there. He told you he wouldn’t miss it and he didn’t.  When he tells you that he’s proud of you listen because when he’s gone you won’t hear it anymore and you will crave it. Go home  Saturday  February 5th you won’t see him again and your life is not that important to miss it.
Your sister thinks you’re the best thing in the world. When she needs you never say no.. Encourage her in high school.Let her know she’s beautiful. Don’t be jealous of her talents.

Don’t go off the path with your 3 wheeler on April 18 1988. Your life changes forever. When Audra tells you your ugly and your cloths are to let her know that its okay your going to turn out okay. Don’t be afraid to do the right thing. You do about 80% of the time but when you don’t your really mess up badly. Accept a compliment. When you want to quit don’t you’ll see why. Tell Justin how much you appreciate his friendship. It’s okay not to drink. You make it until 21 u stood up against drugs and alcohol when nobody else would.Tell Sarah, your sorry you treated her like crap. Call Brooke when you wanted to. Don’t break up with Ingrid because she didn’t have sex with you. Make sure you answer the phone August 12 if you don’t you’ll take your life that day. She really did like you don’t push her away. Deanne’s parents did like you. Go to Wake Forest and play football or go to the University of Washington mom and dad will understand. Stay close with Roger and Scott. tell Leslie your sorry. Don’t hit that guy with a bat, don’t punch the kid at the stadium that was his jaw that separated.  Yes you can pull a urinal off the wall and beat someone with it. You have horrible anger issues. Don’t ever say you won’t go to counseling. Don’t tell Amber you will give her money for an abortion. Stand up and be a man. Don’t leave TCU. Stop overeating you get to fat. Joining the fraternity was one of the best things you do. Tell Jessica sorry and that you’re not scary just confused. Tell her on the plane its okay. Don’t buy the 24 pack it starts 38 days of being drunk. Go tell Justin Lazwell thank you for what he said. When you met Jim yes he turns out to be your friend no matter what he said when he first met you.

I will write more tomorrow.

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