Day 71 Holloween

31 10 2012

A great evening for the kids. We racked up on the candy and dad saw to many scantily clad women. My 4-year-old son said the women’s boobs are showing. Thank Gosh it got dark.

I actually went to my Amy (my exes) home and we made the most of our first holiday to spend together. It went well except for all the people coming up and saying they were sorry and couldn’t believe what happened. Heard a lot that we were brave to be together. I said really its okay anything for our kids. The best thing about Holloween is that tomorrow starts the true holiday season. I love the holidays and yes all the other stuff that comes with it. I know I’m  not spelling Halloween correct there is a reason.

My email was hacked today and besides the fact that a message went out saying that I was in the Philippines and I got arrested every email I had is gone. I m not sure how that happened but I have a password now that only God himself could figure out. Please don’t test me though.

Because I m tired I wanted to leave you with 10 things to talk about tomorrow from yahoo10 Things for Thursday

Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and stories that will be talked about on Thursday:


Limited subway service will resume Thursday morning, but not in lower Manhattan where the power remains out, officials say.


Superstorm Sandy turned the cherished area into a hazardous wasteland of badly eroded shore, ruined beachfront homes, flooded streets and damaged utilities.


The White House canceled its Halloween tradition because of Sandy and donated the goodies to the organizations that would have participated.


Hillary Clinton says the White House is suggesting people and groups to play key roles in the rebel leadership.


An Associated Press-GfK poll found that more voters trust Romney to break the stalemate in Washington.


Many hail the announcement as a step toward a peaceful transition of power, but the Taliban denounces it as meaningless and vows to keep on fighting.


An Air Force Academy ritual of freshmen throwing upperclassmen into the snow results in a fight with 27 cadets injured.


Two suspected smugglers who got their jeep stuck on the top of the barrier flee from authorities after they tried use ramps to enter the U.S. from Mexico.


Carl Icahn reveals he used some of his $14 billion fortune to get a 10 percent stake in the DVD rental giant, causing its stock price to soar 14 percent.


Tens of thousands of fans don the team’s holiday-appropriate orange and black colors to congratulate the World Series champs in a parade.

Day 70 Life rules

30 10 2012

A much better day today. My car was actually there when I woke up.

I got to sit in a new Starbucks and work for about three hours today catching up on paperwork and people watching. Starbucks is an amazing place not only for the coffee but the eclectic group of folks that come in there. I always hear conversations that I know nothing about so I learn a lot. I was asked today if one of my chairs could be borrowed to use as a sitting apparatus. I just said whatever dude. I guess I need to be a bit more sophisticated and use the words apparatus more.

We went tot he fall festival at Gateway church tonight. There were roughly about 3000 people. It’s great to watch all the little kids get so excited over candy and cotton candy. I can’t eat cotton candy its sticky. Long story for another time. I got really offended tonight and usually I don’t get offend by much. I let my kids have cotton and when we were walking away two ladies said out loud he shouldn’t be letting them have cotton candy so late but he is  a single dad. So I told them that we were poor and that’s all I could afford (it was free)and walked away. I know I should have let it go but if I would have said what I wanted to I would have made them cry.

I wrote over a period of time my life rules. I never finished them but here they are and my last one:

1. You will receive only this body

2. You will be presented with lessons

3.There are no mistakes only lessons

4. A lesson is repeated until learned

5. Learning will never end

6. There is nothing better than the here

7. Others are only mirrors of us

8. What our life becomes is only up to us

Finally  Number 9:You will remember and you will forget

Each lesson in our lives is like a rock along our path. As we travel along and learn lesson some look and feel familiar. When something resonates in  for you or yo finally get one of the lessons you are remembering what you originally knew. When you have an “aha” moment you are remembering. When we remember and forget with are dancing with our consciousness. remembering is waking up to the truth Forgetting is the temporary amnesia that sets in when your truth is occluded. When we feels tuck, when we cannot break through we have forgotten.

I believe all of my rules come down to this one basic point remember the truth. . We have to find ways, either by faith, wisdom, time, to go to a deeper level so we can always remember the truth.I have heard ignorance is bliss, We have to forget that and live with life’s luster. It’s the only way to have an amazing and meaningful life.

Faith: Faith is the gift of the spirit that allows the soul to remain attached to its own unfolding. Thomas Moore

If you have faith you will remember the truth stored deep in all of us. Faith is the only thing that can help us through the darkness. We may stumble but every time we come out of the darkness where we should be. Without faith there is no joy. I lost the joy but with faith I was ale to experience a true me and what was truly in my soul.. Faith sometimes has to be restored by surrounding yourself with people who will speak the truth and see things in you that we stopped seeing. When we forget keep those people close to remind you of who you are and where you came from.

Wisdom: We don’t receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us : Marcel Post

Limitlessness: What we call results are beginnings : Ralph Waldo Emerson

I know this is deep but remember this: God did not put a limit  to our compassion, patience, willingness, commitment, tolerance or any other pocket of understanding. We have infinite permission to love, grow and to remember.



Day 69 Okay some Mondays do suck

29 10 2012

I really try to make Monday’s a good day. Woke up this morning and my daughter went outside to walk the dog and said dad your car is gone. I have a rental because my truck is getting worked on (this is the 8th day). I thought maybe she hadn’t woke up but I called 911 and told them someone stole my car which I was informed I was towed. Okay good Monday morning feelings over. I was the only care towed that day because I didn’t have a parking sticker. I pointed out to management of the apartment complex 4 cars that never move without stickers.It just happened to be unlucky day. So to my shock and a tad bit of anger it cost me $198 to get my rental car out of tow. Well Monday continued and besides not getting anything accomplished I went to get my truck it wasn’t finished and I had to get another rental car. Monday is over and tomorrow will be better. Today is why I have no hair left.Finally when I went to put my kids to bed my dog peed all over my daughter’s bed. So with that I will blog something good tomorrow, but this is actually good. i truly hope you laugh. Good night

Day 68 Rising from the ashes

28 10 2012

I hope you all had a great weekend. I had an amazing weekend.  I m also a dumb butt because I talked politics and racism at a bar with people who were drunk. I know not smart lesson learned. I enjoyed people watching all the people at the bar in costumes To say that some people should never show their body in public is an understatement. I saw things that Hollywood wouldn’t put on screen but at least they had fun.

I have heard and now I understand” If you want God to laugh tell him your plans.” I m a planner by nature and always get bent out of shape when my plans go crazy. I m learning but this weekend was another test with my plans. Alright duly noted.

Rising from the ashes is this man I write a lot about the bad but it is all from the past. Not that their aren’t a lot of trials in my life but I want to give you  a contrast from 1 year ago to today. Out of the past 4 years some many wonderful things had transpired. Here on the left is the past and the right is the good in red. Look at it like this. If you drop a piece of glass all you want to do is sweep it up and throw it away. God takes the time to pick up every piece glue it back together and it never looked better.

Now you don’t have a purpose I have a purpose and a mighty one.
You don’t let anybody in           I let those in that want me.
You don’t understand why she don’t love you I understand why I didn’t love myself
But you don’t understand yourself Closer than I have ever been. I know I m worthy
Now you’re out there with no target Target is closer than ever
So you friends become your aim I stopped blaming others
But there is no one left around you I have true friends that love me
So there is no one left to blame Always was true

And what you don’t know it wont hurt you I never let people know my pain and hurt no I open up
And what you don’t know will save you from some pain I learned it only made it worse
But if I could choose I’d let it hurt you
Cause there’s something bout life in the pain I wanted others to feel my pain now I want to help them with theirs.

Now there’s something inside you starting It the truth
Like there’s a fight coming your way I used to wait for the fight now I turn away
But there will be no fists you’ll be throwing
Just some words you’ve got to say I hurt others with my words now I try to speak out of love
And you’ll scream for our repentance I believe God hears me when i request repentance. I thought God forgot about me
Or you’ll hide behind what’s fake My whole life was fake now its a matter of honesty and what you don’t want to know
But there aint nothing to forgiveness Forgiveness is all that matters
You give as freely as you take I try to give. I struggle to receive

And I don’t need to know your stories I want to here your stories. I m finally compassionate
Don’t need to understand your pain I want to understand your pain. I feel it somewhat
Cause I’ve been here since the beginning
And I’ll be here the rest of the way
And I’ll be here the rest of the way I promise I will be there for you
Now you’ve tried your hand at running I stopped running I stand firm
Why don’t you try your hand at faith? Faith and God is all I have
Because there’s a moment to be taken
But it is right before you break I thought I was broken and couldn’t get put back together. What a lie I told myself

Day 66 The power of Confidence

26 10 2012

I have my kids and I m going to spend the night with them, but I wanted to get this point across  You either faith/confidence or you have nothing. I had a fake confidence that drug me down and with just a mustard seed of faith/confidence slowly I m getting my life back.

re blog   by:

You either faith/confidence or you have nothing

Everyone who has learned the power of confidence will tell you that if you really change the way you think and obtain a completely optimistic outlook, it will give you power you never knew was possible. Does that seem hard to believe? Read about people who accomplished great things like Henry Ford, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Sam Walton (the founder of Walmart), W. Clement Stone (became fabulously wealthy by selling insurance) and many others, and you will see that they accomplished great things because they had something about them that seemed like powerful magic. They had confidence.

Portrait of Henry Ford (ca. 1919)Portrait of Henry Ford (ca. 1919) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

W. Clement Stone went from extreme poverty as a child, to incredible wealth. He is famous for saying “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” He began selling insurance at a very young age and because of his incredible confidence, he quickly became rich. He decided he could make even more money by hiring people to help him sell insurance. As time went by, he found he could size a person up after talking to them for only a few minutes and determine if they would be successful at selling. He knew confidence was key.

Henry Ford accomplished things that most people said were impossible. Before the United States entered World War 2, the US government knew they must start preparing for war. They gave Henry Ford the task of designing a plant to build airplanes– heavy bombers. Many people looked around the world and said that at most we could build one bomber a day because each bomber was made of about one and a quarter million parts. Henry Ford designed a plant that could build one bomber every 55 minutes! Hitler didn’t think it was possible. This prodigious output of airplanes helped the allies win the war.

Sam Walton said “It is amazing what people can accomplish if they believe in themselves.”
William James, the Father of American Psychology said “The most important thing that determines success is whether or not you believe you can do it.”

Confidence, belief, power of positive thinking…. Jesus called it faith. He said if you have a little faith you can tell a mountain to move and it will.–Nothing will be impossible for you. Matthew 17:20 “Mountain” may have meant “problem,” just like we use it today in the phrase “don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Reblogged from from my earlier post.


Day 65 Buying Virginity

25 10 2012

So I turned on the radio and the top story was buying a 20 year old’s virginity. The story is here Virgin auction earns Brazilian co-ed nearly $800,000.

Im not sure anyone cares to read anymore after the first headline. Men just know that we are responsible for how our daughters turn out. We have one chance with our daughters to show them how worthy they are. Get off your ass so your daughter doesn’t sell her self on the internet.

I couldn’t believe that a women ( Catarina Migliorini) would  sell herself on the internet first of all and be humiliated. Can you imagine the guys that bid on this women. She is gorgeous and financially is set for life. I think that’s the good part. She brought in 788,000. So does now whoring yourself out ruin the fact that your a virgin? The winner of the virgin auction is a man only known as Natsu, a bidder from Japan, who will join Migliorini on a plane that takes flight between Australia and the United States, obviously to get around any prostitution laws. Imagine that?

This is where we are with sex. Do something amazing and keep your virginity and then I need money so I m selling myself. Catarina, however, says that her intentions are noble and she plans to use 90% of the money for charity. According to the New York Daily News, Migliorini will help build homes for an impoverished area in her home of Brazil, thanks to the VirginsWanted website auction. Days like today I hate that I have to raise a daughter. Its so hard and you can tell all of the mistakes but at any age $788,000 and I m sre people will say if I m going to lose my virginity its better to do it this was than some 15 year old greasy faced kid. I swear God’s coming back soon today he threw up in his mouth more than normal.

Well on to more stuff. Yoga is amazing. When I started P90X I started with Yoga. It made all the difference in my life from flexibility and athlete prowess. If you have never tried it its hard but so rewarding. Give it shot. I can touch places on my body that I never could before. All of you  thinking in a bad way should stop lol.


Love ya, Pass this along.

Day 64 The Reason For The Warrior

24 10 2012

So should a blogger like myself blog more or less? I m asking do you enjoy reading each day or would you like to see it less? Please let me know!

The men’s group and other things involving men I keep hearing about us being warriors. I wanted to share a blog from John Eldredge who (wrote the book Fathered by God which helped change my life.) he talks about men being warriors. I promise men if we will stop making excuses and stand up for what matters we can changed the world. Most importantly we can change the outcome of our families and children.

I heard today talking to a pastor and he said this: One of the most powerful statements that I have heard from a pastor I was talking to today. Pain that is not transparent will become transmitted. Men you may hide for a long time but the pain that becomes transmitted will slowly kill you and everything around u.

Our God is a Warrior because there are certain things in life worth fighting for, must be fought for. He makes man a Warrior in his own image, because he intends for man to join him in that battle.

One day the young man Moses, prince of Egypt, went out to see for himself the oppression of his kinsmen. When he witnessed firsthand an Egyptian taskmaster beating a Hebrew slave, he couldn’t bear it, and killed the man. A rash act, for which he becomes a fugitive, but you see something of the Warrior emerging in him. Years later, God sends him back to set all his people free, and, I might add, it is one intense fight to win that freedom. David also fights, battle after battle, to win the freedom of his people and unite the tribes of Israel. Something in the man compelled him, that same something that wouldn’t allow Lincoln to simply sit by and watch the Union tear itself apart, wouldn’t permit Churchill-despite the views of many of his own countrymen-to sit by and let the Nazis take over Europe unopposed. For he knew that in the end they would have England, too.

There are certain things worth fighting for. A marriage, for example, or the institution of marriage as a whole. Children, whether they are yours or not. Friendships will have to be fought for, as you’ve discovered by now, and churches, too, which seem bent on destroying themselves if they are not first destroyed by the enemy who hates them. Many people feel that earth itself is worth fighting for. Doctors fight for the lives of their patients, and teachers for the hearts and futures of their students. Take anything good, true, or beautiful upon this earth and ask yourself, “Can this be protected without a fight?”

(Fathered by God )

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