Day 8 Judgement Sucks

29 08 2012

Ive missed my mens so group so much. Its great to have a group of men that I can be myself and they hold me accountable. I can be real and know there is no judgement. I invite all of you men to join our group. WHat more could it hurt right.

I ve talked so much about judgement and the pain, and loss it can cause. I know as long as I m alive I will be judge because I m divorced, bankruptcy, etc. If you know I have change and I so want people to see that and quit lumping me in with the rest of the world. It happened but luckily I m at a point that I can be okay with those people leaving my life and not hold a grudge or feel I need to justify who I m.

They were giving away free cornuts today at a convenience store in Dallas and I have never smelled a worst case of feet than that. I never associated feet and corn nuts but I will never eat them again. Yuck!

I would say last night was the first time I really didn’t want to be at divorce recovery. Its sad to be there and I m ready for the next step in my development. One of my freinds in divorce recovery got his papers this weekend. She actually wanted the house and money and in return he got his kids, So he bought his kids from his wife. I can’t believe that people would do that but we can’t judge but it will all come back one day.

Rule 4 A lesson is repeated until learned:

You can’t move on to the next life lesson until you learn from the one you are dealing with. We all want to fix everything at once and its not possible. If you half ass fix a lesson learned you will repeat and wind up back at square one.
 Have you ever married or dated the same person several times with different names and bodies. Same boss same problems with friends and co-workers. In counseling it was talked about that if you don’t heal that you will remarry and probably divorce the same person as the first. Why lessons aren’t learned. The only way to free yourself of difficult patterns and issues is to shift your perspective so you can see patterns and learn the lessons they offer. How many of us have said I deserve better than what I just got away from. Yes you do but your going to keep going back to it because YOU haven’t healed or seen your crap. Try to avoid it all you want  it will catch up with you I promise try me.

You can’t become into consciousness without the pain of life. You have to realize and release your past and patterns. I know its change and change sucks but its a lot better than living in the dismal life we were. If you will realize and release change happens even when you don’t know that it is.

Life doesn’t require that we be the best- only that we try our best. H Jackson Brown Jr.




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